Damn, it's getting cold outside!

It's getting pretty damn cold in most parts of the country and if you are a shooter, hunter or sportsman, you know how this colder weather negatively effects most firearm lubricants. They start gumming up and gelling to the point where a lot of shooters run their guns dry. We get a lot of people ask if our product really stands up to the cold. With a freezing temp of -85f(Chem-X Nano Grease freezes at -454f), you can bet our CLP is going to perform for you in most conditions you might encounter. Here is a short video of Team Liberty Member Casey Ryan - Competitive Shooter​ doing a pour test in the cold weather. We figure she is young, so let's send her outside.

Give this a try with some of your other firearms lubricants this winter and see how they stand up against Liberty Gun Lube.