Liberty-Tuff™ Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush, .40cal, 3 Pack (Blemish -2nds)

  • $2.99

*** These Bore Brushes are perfectly fine to use, but didn't quite make our grade. Some individual have slightly loose bristles, or have random bristles close to the base. There is nothing really wrong with these and other companies would probably just mix them in. We just don't feel right selling them as perfect. A great value for you! Limited supply***


You put that shooter of yours through the paces. It's tough and works hard for you. Now it's time to scrub that crud out of the bore and you don't want to mess around. Liberty-Tuff™ brushes are made to show that bore who is boss! The Phosphor Bronze bristles are wrapped in a single length of brass shank that is folded then twisted to create a smooth loop, as opposed to a cut off tip that is seen on some cheaper brushes. The 8x32 base is made from solid brass as well. Comes in a handy 3 pack.

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