Liberty GunSolve™ Bio-Solvent 4 oz

  • $6.99

Liberty GunSolve™ Bio-Solvent....... What can I say about solvent? Boring stuff, right? I know you probably don't even clean your gun. Hell, just squirt more H.L.P.™ Premium Synthetic Gun Oil in there and keep shooting!

Ok, every once and a while you need to break that shooter down and show it some love. When you do, Liberty Solvent is  the perfect way to both clean your firearm, and prepare it for our H.L.P.™ Premium Synthetic Gun Oil.  Not only will our solvent make cleaning your firearm easier, but it has a rust inhibitor that protects the metal of your firearm, in case you don't oil it right away after cleaning.

Liberty GunSolve™ Bio-Solvent is non-toxic, and biodegradable.  It's safe for the environment, but destroys carbon on contact. 

You can feel good when using Liberty Lubricant™ Solvent, knowing that it is the best firearms cleaner on the market. As a bonus it smells pretty damn good too! Not exactly cologne, but it is pretty pleasant.

PLEASE NOTE: GunSolve™ is water based and can freeze. we allow for expansion in the bottle, but if you order during the winter month, be sure to check your mail and don't let it possibly sit out overnight. Seems silly to have to actually say this, but you know how it is.

Safe for use on: vinyl, plastic and wood

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