Friends of MGM Targets


Friend or customer of MGM Targets? Well, then we consider you friend too. We hold the good folks at MGM in high regard, so by extension, we feel the same way about you.

Liberty Gun Lube would like to welcome you to our site and invite you to try out our products. We feel confident that once you try out our products, you will be part of the Liberty Family!

To welcome you, please use discount code - MGMFRIENDS - for a 15% discount off of your entire order. You can also save the following link to visit at a later time, in order to have the 15% discount automatically factored in your next order. Feel free to share it with a friend. -

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Be sure to try out our flagship H.L.P. Premium Synthetic Gun Oil as well as our new Tri-Cal Synthetic Grease and Tribo-Solve Synthetic Solvent.. They are Non-Toxic, have a wide temperature range and were engineered to be a firearms specific lubricants.

Thanks and welcome,

Jim Ryan

Managing Partner