Our Product

Our Product

At Liberty Lubricants, we specialize in one thing; making the finest firearms care products in the world.  
We understand that you won't settle for anything but the best for your firearm, and now you won't have to.


How we do it

Once applied our lubricant goes to work fast, penetrating between surfaces and adhering to the metal.  

Once coated with HLP Premium Synthetic Gun Oil, your firearm will shed carbon, dust, grit and grime. It keeps these contaminants from building up on the surfaces of the firearm and keeps them in suspension for easy cleaning.

After applying our HLP you will be able to clean your firearm much more efficiently, being able to wipe off the build-up, and keep going.  We at Liberty Lubricants understand that your life could literally depend on your firearm functioning, that is why we created our line of fine firearms care products

The evaporation rate is significantly decreased for long lasting protection of your firearms. The operating temperature ranges for H.L.P.™ run -60°C - +240°C, providing the protection in frigid temps that we are known for, yet increasing the high end to provide you longer service life.

Why did we make this product?

Because we, like you, understand that your life can literally depend on your firearm.  Not only will Liberty Lubricants protect your firearm more effectively, but it will minimize the time you spend cleaning.  By treating the surface of the metal by adhesion, carbon can't build up, because we literally create a physical barrier.  Instead of scrubbing for hours, why not just wipe your firearm off and keep going?  That is what we are all about.  

Liberty Lubricants - Protecting the Firearms that Protect You