Travis Gibson

Travis Gibson - Team Liberty Member (Be sure to use discount code tacos10 on your next order)

I started shooting at 32 after deciding there was just too big of a chance for an ambulance ride with motocross and bull riding.  Shooting is so much safer!
    USPSA was where I started early in 2006, but after shooting my first 3 gun match, I decided that was going to be my primary focus.  Requiring the shooter to be skilled with rifle and shotgun as well as pistol is what makes 3 gun such a challenge for me.
Other shooting disciplines I regularly compete in besides 3 gun are, long range rifle, USPSA, and Steel Challenge.  
I make it to most of the nation’s top 3 gun matches, and I do my very best to be a good representative of all my sponsors.  Great sportsmanship, integrity, friendliness, and patriotism are just a few of the characteristics I try to demonstrate at every event I attend.

In an effort to help grow the shooting sports and give back to the community, I frequently do “ladies only” handgun classes and junior classes at very low rates, or even no charge.  
Due to my busy travel schedule, I’ve had to cut back quite a bit, but over the last couple of years, I’ve started two Steel Challenge clubs in the Treasure Valley that have grown to over 60 participants on a weekly basis.  
Another program I am involved with is the MGM Junior Pistol Camp and the MGM Junior 3 Gun Camp.  It is a competition shooting camp for junior shooters held at Parma Idaho every July.  We have six of the world’s best shooters (multiple national and world championship titles) as instructors for the pistol camp, and are able to take up to 65 kids over the two and a half day class.  We have the same number of instructors for the 2-1/2 day 3 Gun Camp.  This year I was honored to be selected as one of the instructors for the 3 Gun Camp.  We have been told by several parents that this was a “life changing event” for their child.  It is a great program that has produced some of the top shooters in the world.

Shooting accomplishments:
Montana State Multigun Championships 2nd Open and 2nd Overall
Coached at both the MGM Pistol Camp and the MGM 3 Gun Camp
MGM Ironman Long Range Challenge 1st in Tac Heavy division 10th overall
Safariland Expedition Multigun 3rd in PCC division and Limited division Champion
Stillwater Tactical Team Challenge 3rd overall and Team vs Team stage winners (with Wyatt Gibson)
JC steel Long range challenge 9th
USPSA Multigun Nationals 10th
Karstetter Memorial Long Range team match 3rd
3GN Southwestern Regional 5th
Karstetter team long range match 4th
USPSA Multigun Nationals 10th

Findlay Cup Team Challenge 2nd
USPSA Multigun Championships 5th Open Division
Stillwater Steel Challenge team match 2nd Overall
MGM Ironman Open Division Champion
MGM Ironman Scope Tactical Division 9th Overall
Northwest Multigun Championships 2nd Open Division
MGM 3 Gun Junior Shooter Camp instructor
Competition Dynamics Steel Safari team match 2nd overall
Surefire World Multigun Championships 2nd overall
Seekins Precision Team Match Champion

Seekins Precision “Hard as Hell” Open Division Champion 2nd year in a row
Surefire World 3 Gun Championship Open Division Champion
Seekins Precision Team Match 2nd Overall
3 Gun Nation Nationals 2nd Open division and 3rd overall
USPSA Multigun Nationals 2nd Open division and 3rd overall
NSSF Northwest Championships 2nd Open and 3rd overall
Shot the 3 Gun Nation pro series qualifier and got back on the tour after taking a year off to spend more time with my family
9th overall at the 3 Gun Nation regional in St. George UT
Stillwater Tactical Steel Challenge team long range match 3rd overall and winners of two of four stages
MGM Ironman OLHOT match 4th overall
MGM Ironman Scoped Tactical match 5th overall
USPSA Area 1 Championships 16th Open division
Montana State Multigun Championships 2nd open and 3rd overall
NRA World Shooting Championships 19th overall

Seekins Precision “Hard as Hell” Multigun 1st overall and Open Champion
Surefire World Multigun Championships 4th Open
3GN Southwest Regional 6th Tactical Optics
FNH USA Open Champion
Long Island Handgun Championships 2nd Open and 2nd Overall
Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun Invitational Championships 8th Overall as well as acting as Range Master for the third year in a row
Instructor at the MGM Junior 3 Gun Camp and Parent instructor at the pistol camp
MGM Ironman 3rd Open and 7th Scoped Tactical
USPSA Multigun Nationals 5th Open
Superstition Mystery Mountain 3 Gun 7th Open

3 Gun Nation Divisional Series 5th Open
3 Gun Nation Divisional Series 5th Scope Tactical
3 Gun Nation Pro Series overall yearly finish 19th
USCA National Championships – 2nd Heavy Optics and 4th Scope Tactical
Inaugural Seekins Precision Team 3 Gun Champion
Rocky Mountain 3 Gun 3rd Open
Northwest Multigun 2nd place Open
MGM Ironman 3rd place Scoped Tactical
MGM Ironman 2rd place Open
Texas State MG Championship 4th place Scoped Tactical
Superstition Mystery Mountain 4th place Scoped Tactical

Fallen Brethren Multigun Championships 7th Scoped Tactical
11th in Scoped Tactical division in 3 Gun Nation series
Northwest Multigun Championships 4th Scoped Tactical
1st Annual Crimson Trace Midnight 3 gun 7th Overall
MGM Grand Nationals Man on Man Limited
MGM Ironman 2nd Trooper

2nd A class USPSA Multigun Nationals
Area 1 Multigun 5th Scoped Tactical and 6th Overall
Northwest Multigun Manually Operated Rifle Champion
Northwest Multigun Limited Division Champion
MGM Ironman Limited Champion
Blue Ridge Mountain 3 gun 10th overall

Fort Benning 3 gun 11th overall
USPSA Area 1 Limited Champion
USPSA Idaho State Champion
Idaho State Steel Challenge Championship High Overall, and 3rd Overall in .22 division
Tactics Precision Rifle Challenge 10th overall
S&W IDPA Indoor Nationals 1st ESP Expert and 7th overall in ESP

Other career highlights:
2012 21st in the 3 Gun Nation series Pro division
2012 USPSA Pistol Nationals 40th Overall and 4th A class
2012 Idaho Glocks Only handgun championships 4th Overall
2012 Ephrata Sportsman’s Challenge 3 Gun 3rd Overall
2012 Texas State Multigun Championships 17th Overall
2011 3 Gun Nation year end placement – 16 in Scoped Tactical and 27th Overall
2011 14th Scoped Tac USPSA Multigun Nationals
2011 Rocky Mountain 3 Gun 7th Limited division
2011 MGM Ironman 3 Gun Nation shoot off Semi-finalist
2011 MGM Ironman 11th Scoped Tactical
2011 Ruby Mountain 3 Gun 1st Limited, 5th overall
2011 Blue Ridge Mountain 3 gun 10th overall
2010 Fort Benning 3 gun 11th overall
2010 master class shooter IDPA ESP division
2010 JP Rocky Mountain 3 gun World Championships 17th overall
2010 Idaho State Steel Challenge Championship High Overall, and 3rd Overall in .22 division
2010 Tactics Precision Rifle Challenge 10th overall
2010 S&W IDPA Indoor Nationals 1st ESP Expert and 7th overall in ESP
2010 Ephrata Sportsman 3 gun 3rd Overall Scoped Tactical
2009 Idaho Glocks Only handgun Championships 7th Overall
2009 Ephrata Sportsman 3 gun 4th Scoped Tactical
2009 Ruby Mountain 3 gun 3rd Scoped Tactical and 4th overall
2009 MGM Ironman 3 gun 11th Scoped Tactical
2009 Idaho State Steel Challenge Championships 2nd Limited, 4th overall, and 3rd in .22 division
2009 JP Rocky Mountain 3 gun World Championships 20th Scoped Tactical
2009 Idaho State Handgun Championships 1st A and 4th overall
2009 USPSA Nationals 4th A
2008 South East Idaho Practical Shooters Multigun 1st Scoped Tactical
2008 Utah State Handgun Championships 1st Limited A class
2006 Idaho State Handgun Championships 5th overall