Liberty Gun Lube HLP Premium Synthetic Gun Oil

Liberty Lubricant™ H.L.P.™ Gun Oil 5ml / 10 PACK

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*** Check out our new 5ML Size - This is our 10 pack size. Perfect for stashing in pockets and assembling kits.***


We are now offering our H.L.P.™ in a handy 5ml Dropper bottle with Childproof cap and applicator tip. This is a perfect size for gifts, shooting bags and vests, diy kits, etc. Stock up on these!


Liberty Gun Lube™ H.L.P.™ Heritage Lubricant & Protectant is a premium synthetic firearms oil. H.L.P.™ contains AW and HP additives to prevent unnecessary wear in firearms, antioxidants to promote long lubricant life, and highly effective corrosion inhibitors to prevent rust.

The evaporation rate is significantly decreased for long lasting protection of your firearms. The operating temperature ranges for H.L.P.™ run -60°C - +240°C, providing the protection in frigid temps that we are known for, yet increasing the high end to provide you longer service life.

Once applied, our lubricant goes to work fast, penetrating between surfaces and adhering to the metal. We literally create an adhesion barrier on the metal of your firearm so that carbon, and crud won't stick to it.  After applying our H.L.P.™ you will be able to clean your firearm much more efficiently, being able to wipe off the build-up, and keep going.  We at Liberty Lubricants™ understand that your life could literally depend on your firearm functioning, that is why we created our line of fine firearms care products.

You want high end performance, without the high end price? Liberty Gun Lube™ H.L.P.™ is the ticket.

Liberty Gun Lube™ H.L.P.™
- Lubricates while reducing friction.
- Prevents rust.
- Penetrates deeply.
- Clings to surfaces.
- Thicker formulation
- Eliminates moisture.
- Completely harmless for plastic, rubber, glass and metal.
- Heat and cold resistant(-60°C - +240°C).
- Contains no silicone, or chlorinated products.
- No odor.
- Non-Toxic.

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