Liberty-Tuff™ Brass Breakdown Cleaning Rod - NEW PRODUCT

  • $14.99

The Liberty-Tuff™ Brass Breakdown Cleaning Rod is comprised of a polymer t-handle, 1ea short rotating brass rod, 5ea solid brass rods and a brass universal patch holder(up to 2.25" patches). It is a perfect small quality rod that can give you a total rod length of 32 inches.

The Liberty-Tuff™ Brass Breakdown Cleaning Rod is machined from quality brass, instead of cheap thin aluminum. It has industry standard 8x32tpi threading for most quality bore brushes, chamber brushes, patch holders and jags. You can use any combination of lengths in a rotating or non-rotating rod, based on your needs. Two of the solid non-rotating rods are a perfect length for cleaning the chambers on your AR and most barreled actions(picture below).

If you like a simple, but quality breakdown rod, The Liberty-Tuff™ Brass Breakdown Cleaning Rod won't let you down. Get yours today!

Comes with:
Polymer T-handle
1 ea Short Rotating Brass Rod
5 ea Solid Brass Rods
1 ea Brass Universal Patch Holder (up to 2.25" patches)



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