Liberty-Tuff™ Range Rope™  9MM / .357 Gun Cleaner / Scrubber

Liberty-Tuff™ Range Rope™ 9MM / .357 Gun Cleaner / Scrubber

  • $10.99

You've just finished day one of a multi-day match. You're hot and tired and looking forward to that juicy steak, cold beer and banter with your fellow competitors....Of course you know if you don't do at least a rudimentary cleaning on your guns, you are going to have some epic fails tomorrow. Since you KNOW you're not going to do it after that steak and beer, run the Liberty-Tuff™ Range Rope™ through your bore, slather some Liberty CLP in the action, hit the shower and enjoy the evening!

The Liberty-Tuff™ Range Rope™ is a pull through bore cleaner/scrubber that is designed for quick cleaning of your chamber and bore. Comes impregnated with Liberty Gun Lube™ CLP in the swab area & Liberty Solvent in the double scrub brush for cutting through the grime and carrying it away. It is perfect for use on the range, especially at long matches, when you could use a quick cleaning.

Attention: Be sure your firearm is clear of ALL live ammunition, to include the bore and any magazine or loading device your particular firearm may use. The action needs to be locked open to use the Range Rope™. PLEASE BE SAFE! Your family loves you and would like you alive and well for dinner tonight.

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