The Kitchen Sink Bundle

  • $64.79

The Lubricant / Solvent Bundle will handle all of your cleaning and lubricant needs!

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  • 1ea - 4oz HLP™ Premium Synthetic Gun Oil
  • 1ea - 1oz HLP™ Premium Synthetic Gun Oil
  • 1ea - 5ml HLP™ Premium Synthetic Gun Oil
  • 1ea - Chemical-X™ Nano-Tech Firearms Grease, 10cc Syringe
  • 1ea - Tri-Cal™ Synthetic Firearms Grease 10cc (NEW for 2020)
  • 1ea - 1oz Tribo-Solve™ Synthetic Solvent
  • 1ea - Liberty GunSolve™ Bio-Solvent 16 oz
  • 1ea - Liberty GunSolve™ Bio-Solvent 1 oz
  • 1ea - Patches, Gun Cleaning 100% Cotton Flannel - 100 Pack

HLP™ Premium Synthetic Gun Oil, our flagship lubricant, works great for lubricating your firearm. It's additive package not only reduces friction and wear, it also helps keep carbon and fouling in suspension, making for a smooth operating firearm that is easier to clean later.

Chemical-X™ Nano-Tech Firearms Grease is excellent for those areas that you don't want migration of your lubricant. It's nano-tribofilms help smooth the metal and create a low friction coefficient. It's excellent for triggers, sears, disconnectors, lugs and rails.

Tri-Cal™ Synthetic Firearms Grease keeps your firearms, Archery Equipment, Fishing Reels, etc, in top working condition. As with all of our products, we keep with the tradition of providing  you with another Non-Toxic / Non-Hazardous grease option, to meet your demanding needs

Tribo-Solve™ Synthetic Solvent comes in a mister bottle, allowing you to give your firearm a quick misting and wipe-down of accumulation during a long range session. It's formulated NOT to evaporate and leaves bare metal with a fine anti-corrosion layer.

Liberty GunSolve™ Bio-Solvent is non-toxic, and biodegradable.  It's safe for the environment, but destroys carbon on contact. 

You can find more detailed info on each product at their respective product pages. Buying the Bundle saves you Money!


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