The P & B Bundle

  • $14.99
  • Save $2.99

Patches & Brushes!!!

The two consumable items you always need to have handy. Grab this bundle for your favorite caliber and save a last minute trip to the store for a resupply.

  • 1ea - Patches, Gun Cleaning 100% Cotton Flannel - 250 Pack
  • 1ea - Liberty-Tuff™ Phosphor Bronze Bore Brush, (your caliber choice), 3 Pack

Liberty Lubricant's 100% Cotton Flannel Gun Cleaning Patches are great for absorbing solvents and oils to help get that crud out of your gun barrel.
Excellent for trapping residue and clearing it quickly. Also great for general cleaning in all those various nooks and crannies around your guns. Comes in resealable plastic bag

Liberty-Tuff™ brushes are made to show that bore who is boss! The Phosphor Bronze bristles are wrapped in a single length of brass shank that is folded then twisted to create a smooth loop, as opposed to a cut off tip that is seen on some cheaper brushes. The 8x32 base is made from solid brass as well. Comes in a handy 3 pack.

You can find more detailed info on each product at their respective product pages. Buying the Bundle saves you Money!

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